Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jackie Chan Is An Idiot

I'd hate to point out the irony (or is it hypocrisy?) of Jackie Chan employing/enjoying his freedom of speech to encourage it's continued suppression amongst his countrymen. Personally, I think Jackie's a bit concerned that he's no spring chicken and there's approximately 600 million Chinese dudes that could probably fill his movie roles and 95% of the North American audience wouldn't notice any difference.

I gotta say, this one really got my blood boiling. I mean what a friggin douchebag for spouting off like this! This guy is one of the lucky few from China who has been granted all the personal freedoms a man can receive which has allowed him to be incredibly successful and enjoy all the fruits of his labour and he has the audacity to stagger up to the pulpit and suggest that his countrymen don't deserve the same freedoms. Sheesh! That's it, I'm officially boycotting Jackie Chan movies until the Chinese have the freedom to kick Jackie Chan in the face. I know this will really put a kink in my Sunday plans for a Rush Hour I, II & III movie-a-thon, but we all need to make sacrifices if this boycott is going to work.

1 comment:

  1. Jackie Chan is really an idiotic asshole. This idiot would argue his comments were misunderstood. I love to see films, movements, speech and actions being controlled and monitored. He can have freedom but Chinese in China could not. Anyhow this man has no education and finally I realise this idiot has no brain and no back bone too.